Tips for taking advantage of family dinners

If you want your family dinners to become a special moment for everyone, then do not miss these tips to make the most of this time while you are all around the table together.

  • Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel bad if dinners aren’t every day, but try to prioritize them above all things. It begins with what is possible at this time and making a natural transition so that at least, you can have lunch or dinner all together several times a week, making it a tradition for all members of the family.
  • Better without arguments. Family arguments should not happen while you are eating or dining around the table. It is best to promote positive communication, even in young children. In addition, the time of preparing food, setting and setting the table should also be an opportunity for family togetherness where everyone participates.
  • Create a moment of relaxation. Family dinner should be a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone. Try to make them pleasant topics that you talk about and any unpleasant topics, criticisms, judgments or inappropriate behavior should be left out of that moment.
  • Get your kids involved. It is important that your children feel part of everything. Your participation will make them learn more values ​​and you will also be teaching them to converse and enjoy a special time as a family. The art of conversation and learning to take turns speaking is a very important social skill for everyday life.

Turn off the TV or radio, change the place for dinner (how about a picnic in the garden?), Leave the phones in airplane mode, take advantage of not only dinners but also meals, snacks … Remember that it is important to prioritize these moments… Although they may sometimes resist, then in time, everyone will love being at the table together.