3 Simple But Effective Ideas To Improve Children’s Memory

If you have noticed that your child is having a hard time remembering information or you just want his memory to improve, then you may be thinking of ways he can do it. For example, working memory is what helps us store information and is known as “short-term memory” and you have to work on it to be able to store information in long-term memory, but how can you improve memory? of your kids?

Children use working memory all the time to learn. Therefore, it is important to know how to work memory with simple but effective strategies that can be used in everyday life. This will help children a lot in their daily life at any age.

Work On Visualization Skills

Motivate your child so that he can put in his mind, in the form of pictures, what he has just read or heard. In addition to working on the imagination, you can also visualize what is not seen materially. For example, tell your child to visualize a new bedroom and then draw it. Thus, over time you will be able to describe things without having to draw them, seeing them only in your mind.

Create Rhymes And Songs

Help your child make a rhyme, a poem or a song from the information he is learning. Our brains are programmed to remember music and patterns, so using music or rhymes can help your child improve their memory and recall.

Encourage Active Reading

For many people, sticky notes and digital notes are important to remember better, and underlining the information helps you to be able to better verbalize what you are learning. Talking aloud and asking questions about reading material helps memory improve. For this reason, active reading (underlining, diagrams, text highlighting …) helps to improve memories of what is being learned.

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